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Show Off Your Passion for Cornhole with a Custom Cornhole Board Overlay!

Cornhole is taking the nation by storm! You can't go to a backyard BBQ, tailgating before a game, to the park, or even, to many bars, without getting caught-up in Cornhole-mania!

A simple game that's easy to learn and difficult to master, cornhole involves two individuals or teams attempting to toss their corn-filled bags into their opponent's cornhole--a six-inch hole on a slanted platform. Similar to horseshoes, but safer, more challenging, and more fun--cornhole can be played anywhere, even indoors (just take your cornhole boards with you)!

There's only one thing that can make cornhole even more enjoyable--a custom vinyl cornhole overlay from Go See Graphics.com!

You can design your own custom graphics for your cornhole platform right here, online, with our cornhole board design tool. From complete cornhole overlays that cover the entire cornhole platform, to custom decals and stickers, we have what you need. Choose your colors, upload your own images and logos, add your own text, or choose from our large library of ready-to-go images, and you'll soon have a cornhole that's the envy of everyone!

We provide high-quality, durable, and vibrant vinyl cornhole board decals, stickers, and overlays, printed with resin-based inks, so they're guaranteed not to run or fade should you decide to add clear-coat to your board (unlike ink-jet printed overlays). These vinyl cornhole decals are self-adhesive and come ready-to-apply, and will not interfere with gameplay.

We offer 3 standard sizes from which you can choose:

24" x 48" Full Board Overlay

  • Choose the Full Board Overlay if you wish to decorate the entire surface of your cornhole platform. $80.00 ea.

24" x 24" Half Board Overlay

  • Our Half Board Overlay is great for smaller graphics, such as logos, or for adding a neat contrast effect to your cornhole board. $48.00 ea.

24" x 12" Strip Overlay

  • Our foot-wide Strip Overlay adds another option for adding smaller areas of design on your cornhole board. $25.00 ea.

Don't get caught with a plain, boring old cornhole!

Design your own custom cornhole overlay right now!




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